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Moultrie Game Spy M80-XT Review


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On December 11, 2012
Last modified:June 8, 2013


Moultrie Game Spy M80-XT
I initially bought this camera after it being recommended to me by a friend of mine. He knows that I run a review website for game cameras, so he suggested I tested out the Game Spy M80-XT. A keen game photographer myself, I had been, shall we say… less than satisfied, with my previous camera. Having used and played around with, and sat with the Moultrie Game Spy M80-XT cam for some time now, let me share my views on it, and why I think, it’s a great camera.

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Our Review:

Trigger Speed: the noticeable improvement to me with this game spy cam over my previous is the trigger speed. It is very snappy and reliable, rarely failing to catch a movement meaning that you end up with a rich tapestry of photos and don’t have to worry about inconsistency.

This also has a marvelous shooting-mode which allows you to capture three pictures per second!

There are more advanced game spy cams out there, perhaps with better target detection, but you’ll be paying a lot more for them. I am an enthusiast, but I’m not rich, and I’m guessing if you’re even on this page, you have a budget. Trust me: for the money, this over-delivers.

Picture Quality: the picture quality of this camera is excellent (5MP). In the daytime, you get a noticeably clear and crisp result. This camera is also especially made to be used at night and results in very good pictures then too, all thanks to the infrared flash (technology these days ay!).

I have since uploaded some of the pictures the Moultrie MX80-XT captured and I am over the moon with them. That beautiful deer and surrounding background looks very cool as my desktop wallpaper. I may even make a scrapbook of my collection thus far.

Decent picture quality is a must for surroundings. This has it.

Battery Length: one of the most annoying things I noticed with my previous cam (and a common complaint) was battery life. The battery usage of this camera is superb.

After my first 1,000 pictures, I still had over 80% battery life left!
If you are like me and a bit obsessive and excessive, you use your technology a lot for a variety of things. Good battery life for my game spy cam was essential to me as I like to leave it positioned overnight and for lengthy periods of time. I simply didn’t realize just how bad my prior battery life was until I got this one. If there’s one definitive thing to be said about the Moultrie Game Spy M8o-XT, it’s that it has an outstanding battery life. I’m very pleased.

List of features in the M80-XT

  • You can take up to three images from second with New Fast Fire Continuous Shooting Mode
  • 16:9 widescreen photos and videos will give you a larger view than other game cameras on the market
  • Records video with sound
  • Illumi-Night Sensor provides the brightest and clearest night-time infrared pictures
  • Night range up to 60 feet

The Moultrie Game Spy M80-XT is an incredibly durable, robust, sturdy camera with an all-round great delivery. Its picture quality, trigger speed and battery life are all high-performing and for the price, I really don’t think you can beat it. Believe me, I’ve looked.


Overall, I would say I am extremely happy with this camera, and if you are reading this; currently in the market for an inexpensive, quality and reliable game spy cam – this is a sure-fire winner.

So, where can you find the best price on this game camera?

If you go over to amazon, you might find a pretty decent discount right now.  Because amazon usually has the best price, items tend to run out of stock. If you want learn more or buy the M80-XT, we suggest you click here to go to Amazon.com.

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